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Asmara’s unique architectural tour

Asmara has been voted the best city in Africa and also has the reputation as being the fourth best city of attraction on the planet. These accolades make it irresistible to visit along with other major cities in the country where visitors can appreciate the unique architectural styles that have been created through the rich history of time

  • Mini Bus
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The highlights will be looking in amazing architectural attractions of the city where we will have the chance to experience a few of the 450 magnificent of ArtDeco Buildings, (ArtDeco is a rare architectural design of 1917-1945) Asmara is known to hold the largest concentration of ArtDeco building in the world besides Miami.
Those Building Includes Cathedrals, Churches, Mosques, Cinemas, Government Offices, Markets, Schools, Petrol (Gas) Stations, Café’s, Hotels and Residential areas. We will go inside of some of the buildings and try to immerse our self in the era of the 1930th world.

7:30 AM- We will walk around downtown Asmara for approximately 4 hours.

3:00 PM- National museum and Handicraft Markets.

8:00 AM- Tour around the slams of Asmara, and visit the Coffee Ceremony.

3:30 PM- View the tank graveyard, a heavy stockpile of Tanks, Armoured Vehicles, War machines.

– A visit to Martyrs Cemetery and Italian Cemetery.

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