Vintage Train Ride

1 Day

The Eritrean Railway system was constructed between 1887 and 1932. And It has been the same since then. Everything is the same, the Steam Engine Trains, The railways, the terminal everything is in its place.
It is a wonderful experience to take the train ride. You will be overwhelmed by the landscape views and beautiful towns that we have the chance to cross over.



The ride will start in a high altitude around 2, 325m and we will descend to lower altitude in short time. traveling almost 20 kilometers.


Day 01 :

6:30am I will pick you up from your hotel. Then we will go strait in to the Railway station.

The train will start around 7:30 – 8:00 am

The train will Go through breathtaking landscape across mountains through 26 tunnels and different villages passing through Drfo Small town and go to Areberobue yet another small town where we will have a break and see 3 million metric liter weal where the trains water is stored and go and see some vintage telephone lines and a light hiking exercise.

Than if the railway is clear we might go down to Nefasit town but if the tracks are not clear we will go back strait to Asmara.

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Vintage Train Ride
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