All Your Questions About Visiting Eritrea Answered

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Eritrea?

A: All foreign nationals should acquire their Eritrea entry visas prior to visiting the country. These visas may be obtained through Eritrean embassies/consulates in the visitor’s home country. Visa exceptions apply to Ethiopian, Kenyan, and Ugandan citizens who do not require a visa to enter Eritrea.

Q: What if there is no Eritrean embassy in my area?

A: If there is no Eritrean embassy in your area, please speak to a friendly travel employee, who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements on behalf of our customers. We will contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Asmara to obtain the required entry visa on your behalf so that you may enter our beautiful country once you have landed at the Asmara airport.

Q: Do I need a travel permit to visit areas outside of Asmara?

A: Yes, all tourists who wish to travel beyond the city borders of Asmara will require a travel permit. These may be acquired from the Ministry of Tourism’s Information Office, which is conveniently located on Liberation Avenue. Special permits are also required to visit historical and archaeological sites and islands. Our company can assist you in obtaining these permits.

Q: Are there any customs regulations I should be aware of when traveling to Eritrea?

A: All expensive and electronic goods such as personal computers, cameras, or video equipment, which may be sold at a profit, must be registered and declared at the Customs Office at the airport on visitor arrival. These declared goods must then be signed out once the visitor leaves our country. All personal belongings are free of duty costs. A duty-free allowance for specific items is allowed on up to one liter of alcohol, one half liter of perfume, and 200 cigarettes. Severe penalties will follow any visitors who attempt to bring illegal drugs or obscene material into the country.

Q: Is it safe to travel to Eritrea?

A: It is generally safe to travel to Eritrea. Only a Yellow Fever certificate is required if you are coming from or have traveled through a country where this disease is present. It is also a good idea to bring a mini first aid kit with you. All Covid-19 restrictions and PCR testing requirements have been lifted.

Q: When is the best time to visit Eritrea?

A: Due to a moderate sub-tropical climate, visitors can travel to Eritrea throughout the year. To make the most of our diverse climates, we suggest that tourists focus on the months of September through to April to experience the best of our three climes.

Q: Can I exchange my currency for Eritrean Nafka (ERN) at the airport?

A: Yes, euros, pounds, and dollars are welcome in Eritrea among other currencies. The Nafka (ERN) is Eritrea’s unit of currency, which may be exchanged at the airport or other official foreign exchange locations such as the Himbol Exchange Bureau or the Commercial Bank of Eritrea. If you are bringing more than $10,000 into the country, you will need to declare it upon arrival.

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