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We offer both set tour packages for our customers or we can customize our product offerings to suit your time or budget needs. Look through our vacation tour delights to obtain an idea of what the beautiful country of Eritrea has in store for your next time out. The vast array of regions to visit and sights to see is extensive to match a variety of preferences and diversity of choices.

Provide us with a list of your unique needs so that we can put a package together to ensure that you will refer your friends to Eritrea and want to come back again and again. Information about your duration, regions you would like to visit, activities you want to engage in and other requirements will be considered and a tour package will be created to extract the greatest value from your vacation.

Our 10-Day Tour Itinerary Recommendation

Our services include some of the best sight-seeing tours available in Eritrea. We offer specialized tours in addition to a 10-day visit where visitors can enjoy the best of what our small but beautiful country has to offer. Tailor your Eritrea tourism with a 7 or 10-day tour to align with your needs or pick any one or more of the following fascinating vacation choices we have put together for you.

Diving Tour

Our diving tour of the red sea takes visitors to the pristine waters of the Dahlak Islands. Here, visitors can participate in several water sports, swim in warm, crystal clear waters, snorkel and sunbathe on sandy beaches. These islands are the diving enthusiast’s dream. When not exploring the watery depths, visitors can take in the natural sights and sounds of the exotic fauna and flora. With more than 1100 km across 350 islands to explore in crystal clear waters, the Red Sea is an exotic treasure hunt waiting to be discovered by scuba fans.

For the adventurous who have not yet tried scuba diving, the Eritrea dive centre offers a quick PADI course to get you up to speed so you don’t miss out on anything.

Boat Cruises

Hop on board for a boating cruise and stop off at various desert islands along the Red Sea coast extending for some 1100 km along the eastern border of Eritrea. Scuba dive, tan, swim and enjoy the best of Eritrean cuisine while lazing the day away. With 350 islands that are scattered along the coastline, visitors can participate in private trips to enjoy their well-deserved vacation break. A favourite destination for boating trips is the green islands. These are easily accessible with a short 15-minute drive from Massawa. When you tire of swimming, tanning and eating there are many more delights to choose from to make your Eritrean vacation even more memorable.

Archaeological sites

Eritrea travel includes a landscape of diversity having developed from a long multicultural history. This multicultural background has resulted in a range of fascinating ruins left behind by several ancient civilizations. Enjoy a trip to the ancient port of Adulis and visit other sites such as Matara and many others to gain a sense of who we are as a nation.

Desert safari tours

Animal lovers and adventurous souls will be pleased to learn that our tours extend to desert trips taken on camels. Camel treks are the best way to view the mysterious Denakil Desert, which, though dry holds a cornucopia of fauna and flora to attract the attention of the most seasoned of travellers.

Bicycling tours

Our tours for the health-conscious are not confined to camelback riding but also include cycling tours to test strength and endurance. Guided cycling tours prove to be very popular as this is a fun way to see the country over a period of 10-days. Don’t worry – while requiring physical exertion, there is also plenty of leisure time available.

Eritrea tourism culture tour

Participate in visits to many of the cultures that form the rich tapestry of the population of Eritrea. Appreciate learning about these different cultures, their histories, languages and traditions while absorbing the hospitality and delicious cuisines our nation create for you with absolute pleasure.

Eritrea’s unique architectural tour

Asmara has been voted the best city in Africa and also has the reputation as being the fourth best city of attraction on the planet. These accolades make it irresistible to visit along with other major cities in the country where visitors can appreciate the unique architectural styles that have been created through the rich history of time.

Monastery Tour

Book a short tour to see the famous monastery sites located at Debresina and Debre Bizen among many others. This tour will give visitors further insight into what has made Eritrea travel the fascinating country it is today.

Eclectic Steam Railway Tour

Our steam railway tours afford tourists a unique view of natural surroundings around Asmara. Join us for a tour that affords our clientele to enjoy the world from a different perspective to immerse yourself in the glorious landscapes that typify Arberoboe outside of Asmara.

Our special 7-day tour

Our special 7-day tour will take you on a journey to remember across the main cities for Eritrea travel. These include the distinguished Asmara, a trip to Keren in the highlands to view our famous orange orchards and coffee terraces. Massawa is situated on the Red Sea where visitors will enjoy a change of pace, followed by a trip to the ancient ‘Pearl of the Red Sea’ port, influenced by the Empires of old. Journeying on, a stop will be made at Mendefera to take in the magnificent scenery along the way back towards Asmara before returning home.

Our 7-day tour can be extended to a 10-day tour to customize our offerings for our clientele.

Day 1: Arrival in Eritrea

You will be met at the airport and be transferred to the Hotel Asmara or a similar location. Breakfast and dinner are included in your stay. After settling in at your hotel a guided tour of Asmara has been put together. A guide will take you to see Asmara’s cathedrals, mosques, the theatre and the unique Fiat Tagliero, which looks like a service station out of a Hollywood science fiction movie. Recuperate at the Asmara Palace Hotel or similar with dinner and breakfast before continuing your tour the following day.

Day 2: Tour the City of Asmara

Once you have enjoyed your breakfast you will be able to explore more of Asmara. Primary attractions in this beautiful city include a trip to St. Mary’s Coptic church, the city’s cathedral, National museum, a visit to see Alexander Pushkin’s statue of this famous Russian poet and end the day with an intriguing visit to the local market to enjoy the local arts and crafts at the Khulafa al Rashedin. Our visitors will spend the night at the Asmara Palace hotel or a similar location. Breakfast and dinner will be included.

Day 3: Asmara – Keren – A Must See

Following breakfast at your hotel, you can anticipate a drive to the high plateau where Keren is situated. These misty mountains lie at the heart of the agricultural sector of Eritrea tourism. Tourists will be fascinated by the camel and livestock market, which is an enormous attraction in the area along with other popular markets in the area. The guide will take you to see the silver and wood marketplace, Imperial Palace ruins and war cemetery. Later, tourists will overnight at the Sarina Hotel or a similar hotel, where breakfast and dinner are included.

Day 4: Massawa / Keren

Take a leisurely drive to the city of Massawa through the Filfil, which is Eritrea’s tropical forest where many species of tropical birds may be seen. As a part of the Semenawi-Bahri, this popular rainforest destination provides dramatic scenery as the landscape transforms going down toward the coastal region. The variety of fauna and flora on this trip is magnificent and tourists can get to see all of this while being transported through the region. The Red Sea hotel or similar welcomes its visitors overnight and for a delicious breakfast and dinner.

Day 5: Massawa

The rich history offered by Massawa includes several eras and kingdoms along a string of islands including the well-known Dahlak Islands. Formerly known as the ‘Pearl of the Red Sea’, Massawa remains an important port in the region. Characterized by exquisite Turkish architecture, lazy sandy beaches, swimming pools and a shopping mecca, Massawa is a popular tourist destination on this tour. The Red Sea hotel or similar is ready to host their guests for a pleasant breakfast, luncheon and dinner.

Day 6: Enjoy a Journey to Massawa, Mendefera and Asmara

On the final day of your tour, tourists can relax while heading back to Asmara. Mendefera is along the way where a stop will be made to take in the stunning mountain views before arriving in Asmara. Here, the Hotel Asmara or similar hotel will be arranged to overnight, with breakfast and lunch on offer.

Day 7: Asmara and Return Home

Enjoy a relaxing breakfast and what is left of your time on Eritrea travel and before being driven back to the airport.

Extended 10-day tours include

Additional 1st day: Decamhare and Adikeyih

Decamhare was once the bustling hub of the Italian Empire. Located at the Horn of Africa, this ancient Italian city is home to some fascinating architectural structures from the distant past. Travel on to Adikeyih through the delightful Sycamore Valley where an overnight stay is arranged at the Central Hotel or similar with dinner, breakfast and lunch included.

Additional 2nd day: From Adikeyih to Qohaito and Sena

For the archaeological enthusiasts, Qohaito presents one of the prime viewing sites along this 10-day extended tour. Situated approximately 20 km outside of Adikeyih, Qohaito rests 2600 m above sea level and is about 121 km to the south of Asmara. This city is said to have been erected during the reign of Queen Sheba, which dates back to about 750BC. Historical points of interest encompass structures from the Axumite era, cave paintings, tombs and an engraved stele standing approximately 5 m high. The next stop is Senafe toward the northern border and a view of Eritrea tourism’s second biggest mountain. The Sunshine Hotel or similar will be your hosts for the night. Here, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

Tour Prices Include

  • Airport meet on arrival and departure
  • Travel between airport and hotels
  • Hotel accommodation as included in itinerary
  • Private vehicle transport
  • Expert tour guide
  • Paid admission to various listed sites
  • Meals as mentioned

Not Included in Tour Price

  • Flights
  • Visa expenses
  • Meals not on the tour itinerary
  • Travel insurance expenses
  • Driver and guide gratuities
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